We are looking for land to develop new renewable projects

Soventix invites landowners to participate in building a more sustainable future.
If you are the owner of land and want to give it a new use, write to us.
What are we looking for?
  • Land to develop medium and large-scale solar projects.
  • Flat terrain or terrain with moderate slopes, close to connection points with electrical networks.
What we offer?
  • A long-term lease.
  • An attractive price per leased hectare.
  • A steady and secure income for the owner.

1. Send us the location and boundaries of your property

The procedure begins when the owner sends us the basic information of the land he wishes to lease.

2. Pre-feasibility study of the land

Then a feasibility study is carried out considering technical, environmental and geographical variables in order to determine if the land is suitable for the development of a solar generation project.

3. Commercial proposal

In the event that the land is suitable, a formal proposal will be sent to the owner for the lease of their land.

4. Study of titles and lease agreement

Once a commercial agreement has been reached, the study of land titles will begin to later give way to the preparation and signing of the lease contract.

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